Jim Williams

  • Flying since ’83.
  • Moved from Venice beach to Santa Monica beach after the remodeling and has been a traveling ring man since then
  • Most likely seen (in the morning) ANYWHERE since he’s good at everything
  • Gymnastics is now and always will be how he works out

Ernie Thrash

  • Community member since late 70’s
  • Coach at Le Petit Cirque
  • Most likely spotted on the Green though he certainly can do it all
  • Loves to GIVE, teach and share. His humility combined with his knowledge is unnatural; somebody please take him away

Robert ‘Bob’ Chapin

  • Discovered OMB in ’87
  • Filmmaker, Visual Effects Artist, Stuntman
  • Introduced slacklining to the beach, which eventually became an official part of OMB in 2013
  • He met his wife Jessica Cail on the beach and they were married at the rings in 2012
  • Bob designed the portable traveling rings rig found at Swing City in Burning Man
  • RobertChapin.com

Francisco ‘Cisco’ Pimentel

  • Community member since 1964
  • One of the Original Muscle Beach brats from the 60’s, retired Circus performer
  • Most likely seen on the Green
  • Likes to pass on his knowledge to others, keeps doing handstands and enjoys relaxing with his friends

Tony Anthony

  • Community Member since 2012
  • Lifestyle brands entrepreneur
  • Most likely to be seen anywhere either of his three children are practicing
  • Loves mentoring young entrepreneurs, chillaxing and the healthy aspects of the beach

Charles-Ryan ‘CR’ Barber

  • Community Member since 2012
  • Flying Rings specialist
  • Most likely to be spotted atop the tall rings structure or teaching at the bottom
  • Frequent “Green” flyer too
  • Loves to try new things and doesn’t even need two legs

Amy Bell

  • Community Member since 2013
  • Pediatric Nurse
  • Most likely to be spotted “flying” on top of another human on the Green
  • Loves sunshine, hugs, singing, and flippy/poppy acro

Travis ‘Ninja’ Brewer

  • Community Member since 2012
  • Social Entrepreneur, Movement Artist and Ninja Warrior Finalist
  • Most likely to be seen hand standing on top of structures or human pyramids or back flipping off of them
  • Loves to lift others up figuratively and literally

Dr. Jessica Cail

  • Community Member since 2001
  • PhD in experimental psychopharmacology and professor at Pepperdine University. Featured on NOVA’s Secret Life of Scientists for her double life as a scientist and a stunt woman
  • Scientific advisor in the Hollywood film industry
  • Though she rocks the bullwhip and the Nunchaku, she can do it all at OMB, so look around

Ciencia Candiano

  • Community Member since 2018
  • Neuromuscular and Holistic Massage Therapist
  • Her athleticism comes in the form of PLAY 🙂
  • Loves to dance, connect and laugh. Wants to inspire others as much as others inspire her.
  • Most likely to spot her anywhere on the sand, on the travelling rings, hula hooping, slacklining, acro yoga or practicing flow arts
  • Free form movement is important to her because it makes her feel good and it keeps her grounded. It is meditation and medicine, and she highly recommends prescribing to it

Nicholas ‘Tarzan’ Coolridge

  • Community Member since 2014.
  • Movement Artist specializing in AcroYoga, Parkour, handstands, and self photography. Social Media sensation with over 300K followers
  • Also well known world wide for his incredible performances on American Ninja Warrior. Call him Nicholas and most won’t know who you’re talking about since he is commonly referred to as Tarzan
  • Most likely to be spotted climbing all over everything or trying to creating the next viral video
  • Loves bringing up the energy in a positively playful way

Natalie Duran

  • Community Member since 2016
  • TV personality and social media sensation, Pilot, Rider, Climber and Guinness Record Holder
  • You will unmistakably spot her training, working or relaxing at the top the tall rings structure. Her way up or down the rope in a show not to miss
  • She loves pushing her limits

Christopher Filkins

  • Community Member since 1999
  • Co-founder FOUR major movements: Swing City, RingFlyers, Westside Acro and Clockwork
  • Among many places, Chris is most likely to be found basing a pretty girl on the Green or flying in the rings
  • Loves to Love and his Daughter

David Floyd

  • Community member since 1984
  • Former US National Silver Medalist in Sports Acrobatics and currently an airline pilot
  • Most likely spotted on the Green
  • Loves family, friends, and acro

David ‘Soop’ Frison

  • First set foot at OMB in 1995.
  • Childcare provider, actor and body double to the stars
  • Most likely to be spotted on the Green with a few humans balancing on top of him, in the rings or at the parallel bars
  • Loves teaching gymnastics and acrobatics to beginners
  • DavidFrison.com

Alfred Kendrick

  • Community Member since 2007
  • Master teacher, expert Martial Artist, Capoeirista and gymnastic dance-fueled athlete
  • Based at his Fit Arts studio in Hollywood, Alfred is a powerful teacher who helps expand your potential and make your body into a work of art. He regularly teaches and performs around the world, and can be seen in a number of film, print and online commercials, CGI movies, and more
  • Most likely to be spotted doing Fit arts and Capoeira on the Green
  • AlfredKendrick.com

Chris ‘TattedStrength’ Luera

  • Community Member since 2013
  • Author (Beyond the Bars: From Prison to the Podium)
  • 3x Middleweight World Champion WCO
  • Most likely to be seen on the high bar, in the parallel bars or training others on the Green
  • His menacing looks are proportional to his kindness
  • Loves giving back, that simple!

Corinne Nicewick

  • Community Member since 2018
  • Product designer in tech
  • Semi-pro rock climber, aspiring hand balancer, calisthenics and free movement enthusiast. Movement is an outlet and another art form for her
  • Most likely to be spotted running at full speed from one activity in the OMB to the next
  • Loves trying new types of movement and challenging herself, especially if she falls and gets a good laugh in the process

Tony Rocco

  • Community Member since 1970
  • Retired pro wrestler.
  • Most likely to be spotted working out on a park bench or tanning on the Green.
  • Loves training at OMB everyday and telling stories of yore.

Eddie Saleh

  • Community Member since 1999
  • Husband and father
  • Computer engineer and TechCare owner
  • Most likely to be seen ANYWHERE, Eddie does it all. More often than not, he’ll be in the company of his children 🙂
  • He is restless and loves to put on a show

Judith Meister

  • Beach Administrator at City of Santa Monica
  • Most likely to be found working behind the scenes to make SURE everyone else can BE found at OMB

Leah Russell

  • Community member since 2013
  • Movement artist and designer, specializing in acro yoga and animal flow movements
  • Specializing in interior architecture, production design, fitness facility design, and fitness apparel design
  • Mostly likely seen handstanding on humans, or humans handstanding on her
  • Loves flowing through movement, art, and design. MADflo. Loves deep connection, teaching, community, and sunshine!

Cesar Sosa

  • Community Member since 2014
  • Social Media influencer
  • Most likely to be seen one-arm hand standing on top of structures or human pyramids
  • Loves to push himself, always with correct form

Kelly Thayer

  • Community Member since 2012
  • Movement Artist specializing in Acro and Fire Acro. Teacher at Lady Basing LA, Founder of The Safety Event – #Safe.AF, Ladies Meet Up facilitator, co-founder of LA Acro Fest, and Production Specialist.
  • Most likely to be spotted inverted, spinning, flipping, or lifting someone up. The one with a serious focus face but in between tricks breaks out a bellowing laugh.
  • Loves to unify, connect, create, laugh, empower, share, move, and tell a story. Excited to try scary and new things
  • Known as “AcroAnt” whose motto is “together as a team we are an unstoppable force.” Also known as “The Needle Queen.”

Adam Weisman

  • Community member since 2014
  • Works as a Casting Associate for tv shows and movies
  • Most likely to be seen spinning around on the world famous Traveling Rings
  • Enjoys laying down on the ground and balancing people for fun
  • Loves to welcome new faces to enjoy the acrobatics community

Bonnie Morgan

  • Community member since she was a baby
  • Actress and contortionist
  • Most likely spotted on the Green, but you have to either look high up or squint to understand her body composition because she…
  • Loves heights, pushing the contortion “limits” of existing tricks and trying new things with the best attitude

Gary Morgan

  • Community member since he was a BOY
  • Actor and stuntman
  • Most likely spotted on the Green
  • Loves to take part AND teach tricks, he’s probably the best you can find

Ian Mankowski

  • Community member since 2004
  • Technical Artist (AR/VR)
  • Most likely spotted on the rope and traveling rings
  • Loves surfing and cooking.

Naheed Radfar

  • Community member since 2010
  • Lawyer and fitness/yoga and health specialist/coach, also Founder at Heed Fitness
  • Most likely to be seen in parallel bars or on the Green
  • If anybody likes to push themselves, Naheed would be the quintessential example

Barbara Lonsdale

  • Community member since: “Oh shit I’ve been going since I was little with my Dad so I don’t know, ha. He went there when he was young too”
  • Most likely to be spotted by the rings doing yoga in the sand while waiting her turn 😉
  • Still holds the record of 14 back and forth runs in the travelling rings, but hasn’t done that in years “Maybe someone beat it, hopefully “

Serafine ‘Chinky’ Ong

  • Community member since 2013
  • Two-time US Adult Figure skating silver medalist and teacher
  • Most likely spotted on the Green but more and more on the high bar practicing her kip up
  • Though she loves the athleticism of it all, she particularly loves getting friends AND newbies together

Danette Wallace

  • Community member since 2012
  • Blockchain and Crypto Investor
  • Most likely to be seen on the green, at the bars, or on the rings
  • Loves playing with friends and challenging herself to reach new strength goals and learn new tricks

Victor Togunde

  • Community member since 2014
  • Actor
  • Most likely to be found on his blue mat on the Green
  • Loves to flip folks in the air and bringing people together

Alessandra Yanes

  • Community member since 2010
  • Creator and administrator of “Los Angeles Slackline” FB page, and “Slackliners OMB” FB group since 2012
  • Professional Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist in LA and Online
  • Often in the slackline park and lately spotted on roller skates
  • Optimistic, Mindful & Brave
  • “There is a sun within every person”

Tim King

  • Community member since 2014
  • Self employed, was in the Marine Corps and now studying at the Police Academy
  • Most likely spotted on the Green
  • Loves to base people high in the air on their feet, hands or any other body part and loves to challenging himself

John C Higgins

  • Community member since 2010
  • Sort of retired CPA
  • Most likely spotted with a camera glued to my face on Sundays at OMB
  • Loves the OMB fresh air

Rachele Brooke Smith

  • Community member since 2012
  • Actress, dancer, speaker and passionate disruptor
  • Most likely spotted being pretty, … I mean on the Green!
  • Loves to lead by example and remind people of their POWER

The Kalvan Family

  • Community members for decades
  • World class performers on TV and any other venue
  • Most likely spotted on the Green
  • Love to perform as a family and inspire others

Zoe Fleck

  • Community member since 2016
  • Division 1 collegiate volleyball player at UCLA
  • Find her all over the park! Loves to do a bit of everything! Her go-to and her first stop is always the traveling rings🙈
  • Loves learning new skills, handstanding, and howling at the sunset

Sean Chandler

  • Community member since 2009
  • Graphic art designer
  • Most likely spotted on the Green
  • Loves to share his knowledge and help beginners

James Heugh

  • Community member since 2015
  • Cirque du Soleil performer
  • Most likely spotted on the Green
  • Loves basing one, two or three humans all by himself. Also simply loves spending quality time with his friends

Jonathan Rea

  • Community member since 2013
  • Works at MTV Networks
  • Most likely spotted basing on the Green
  • Loves to fly boys and girls masterfully and make them SHINE!

Jules Hart

  • Community member since 2016
  • Actress and Voice-over artist
  • Most likely seen balancing on humans with as few limbs as possible in between hugging everyone
  • Loves acro flows, pushing through limitations and cuddles

Carlos Mejia

  • Community member since 2010
  • Acro sport & Circus coach, registered nurse and former acro competitor
  • Most likely seen on the Green
  • Loves to BASE! BAM!

Suzie Vanessa Frank

  • Community member since 2015
  • Yoga teacher
  • Most likely to be seen practicing on the Green
  • Loves doing hand to hand’s (with purrrfect form) , acro and lots more

Martin Lopez

  • Community member since 2014
  • Taco stand business owner
  • Most likely to be seen practicing at the high bar
  • Loves doing giants and dismounts off the high bar, acro and street work outs

Layla Negron

  • Community member since 2014
  • Architect
  • Most likely seen on the Green
  • Loves to fly and smile . . . AT THE SAME TIME!

Andrew Jarvis

  • Community member since 2011
  • Personal trainer in body weight and calisthenics
  • Most likely spotted on ONE arm anywhere
  • Loves his dog, parallel and high bars, canes, the Green and much more

Julio Bajdaun

  • Community member since 2013
  • Freelance filmmaker
  • Most likely to be spotted stretching on or around the Green
  • Loves to watch the sunset with friends

Nima Payan

  • Community member since 2015
  • Architect for pharmaceutical industry
  • Most likely to be seen on the Green basing hand to hand balancing
  • Loves the travelling rings and acro yoga

Miyoko Rifkin

  • Community member since 2013
  • Certified Yoga instructor, writer and speaker. Pole fitness & acro teacher and toy educator/intimacy expert. Former Playboy TV & Radio host
  • Most likely seen on the Green
  • Passionate about being upside down and empowering troubled teens and women

Eric Blood

  • Community member since 2014
  • Acrobat and co-founder at Inverted Play, used to work at NASA
  • Most likely spotted on the Green basing and teaching
  • Loves exactly that: basing and teaching 🙂

Amie Barsky

  • Community member since 2015
  • Anxiety and Trauma Coach
  • Most likely to be spotted on the Green doing pops, whips & hand to hand
  • Loves to laugh, learn, teach,… and share her food!

Darius Mrkonic

  • Community member since 2007 though he discovered OMB in the 70’s during beach meets.
  • Real Estate agent and amateur photographer, responsible for many of the image you see on this website
  • Most likely spotted all around; he’s a man of many trades
  • Loves to compose beauty in real life as well as for the lens

Brittany Hertz

  • Community member since 2018
  • Pro Cheerleader
  • Most likely seen on the Green

Wesley Hall

  • Community member since 2010
  • Drummer
  • 50/50 on the high bar and the Green
  • Loves to be inspired by everyone around

Elyse Vieni

  • Community member since 2018
  • “Runway to the Circus” owner, vintage fashion stylist and acrobat
  • Most likely seen on the Green
  • Loves to be upside down and climb all over people

Christine ‘Teenie’ Falaguerra

  • Community member since 2016
  • Educator in literacy and acro
  • Most likely found on the Green
  • Loves to play in the sunshine

Mark Chris Taylor

  • Community member since 2018
  • E-commerce and third party logistics
  • Most likely spotted on the Green
  • Loves teaching and learning dance lifts on the beach and base all his friends

Johnny Reed

  • Community member since 2018
  • E-commerce and third party logistics and hand to hand coach
  • Most likely seen on the Green doing and teaching acro and handstands
  • Loves to do handstands in the

Ardavan Tavakoli

  • Community member since 2009
  • Works in Information Technology
  • Most likely seen in the slack line park or in the travelling rings which he Loves along some occasionel acro

Paul Scott

  • Community member since 1998
  • Writer, environmental activist, founding member at “Plug in America”
  • Most likely stuck 😉 flagging the parallel bars of flying high in the tall rings structure
  • Loves riding his motorcycle in the mountains, playing chess and ping pong, and of course swinging on the rings

Kelly Richardson

  • Community member since 2012
  • Stunt woman, storyteller, filmmaker
  • Most likely spotted in the long rings or practicing new tricks where needs be
  • Loves to swing on the rings, learn languages, be with nice people

Alex Magala

  • Community member since 2011
  • Sword Swallower, Performer, Jiu Jitsu Athlete
  • Most likely seen on TV or hanging safely/dangerously of OMB equipment
  • Loves to meet and train with new friends at the Green and push his and human limits

Chadwick Castle

  • Community member since 2014
  • Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Management
  • Most likely seen on the Green
  • Loves his daughters and practicing acro with them

Oleg Flow

  • Community member since
  • Yoga teacher
  • Most likely
  • Loves to

Karen Leigh Segal

  • Community member since 2009
  • Filmmaker
  • Most likely creating sonic booms whilst taking flight and defying the laws of physics… after training to hold a one-armed handstand
  • Loves to inspire people to realize their true potential, beyond the realm of known possibilities

Dominick Cole

  • Community member since
  • Most likely
  • Loves to

Cesar Rivas

  • Community member since
  • CEO at Radiation and Enagic International Distributor
  • Most likely
  • Loves to

Michael McDonald

  • Community member since 2016
  • Pro Steadicam Operator
  • Most likely to be on a slackline
  • Loves to plan community slackline gatherings in the local area