The Original Muscle Beach

The Original Muscle Beach

The Original Muscle BeachThe Original Muscle BeachThe Original Muscle Beach



Although the mission of this page is to generate funds to produce a MOVIE, you can still enjoy the video + images and then skip to "GIFTS" if you're not into reading about us. ENJOY!



The OMB community in Santa Monica, CA. has its beginnings in 1933, and every weekend throughout the years, it makes a strong IMPACT of support and self-confidence building on its regulars as well as on its visitors.

I am David "Soop" Frison, BELGIAN born and USA adoptee in 1994. One year later, I discovered OMB and have been a PROUD member since.

Now, childcare giver, actor and stuntman, I have acquired the tools and the knowledge to set in motion the production of a film depicting a mythical part of the world in a project others have been too intimidated to undertake.

Seeing how much goodness our community caters to kids and adults alike, I just HAD to film it all. So, through this FILM, the values imparted to OUR youth can now impact the rest of the World. Yep, being able to make "my" world a better place is something I am fond of.



$60,000 will cover two cameras, two microphones, a drone & pilot, editing hard- and software, archival footage and interviews, the athletes, a director photography (cameraman), and editor, a music composer, market the film at various film festivals and finding a distributor.

You will receive UNIQUE perks directly relating to the film. I'll let you browse through the "YOUR GIFTS" section below, it's exciting!



As said in the video presentation; I am a go-getter who has done A LOT already!

This project WILL go big, it will IMPACT so many children around the world and YOU will be part of it. Let's not even talk about the movies that will come after this one :-)



These are low, I am EXCITED to say! 

The community supporting me is RICH in resources. I just need to be able to afford them, haha. I am particularly qualified for this task as I have over 20 years of presence in the community where I have become a leader. We trust one another, I get great advise and we all have each other's back.



PayPal : 

Venmo : @Soop518

LUCKILY, technology today allows us to connect with SO many people very easily and very fast. Do me a big one please, be resourceful and show Mom and Dad, your boss or that person you KNOW can afford a donation ;-)

Having been there before, I know the value of a DOLLAR.
If $5 or $1 is something you need to hold on to, please do. However, receiving it WILL help this project, believe that!

Have a quick look at the GIFTS as EVERYONE gets something! :-)

I truly appreciate your help, I know how personal it is to you. THANK YOU!

Thank you for your contribution


$60,000 or more


NAME WHAT YOU WANT from this list + two unique, priceless, collectible signed books.

This Perk is also PART of each Perk of $5000 or higher. It is an entry for you to bid (starting at only $300) on 2 UNIQUE autographed books. OUR MOST VALUABLE GIFT!!  

The book: “REMEMBERING MUSCLE BEACH - Where Hard Bodies Began” by Harold Zinkin (with Bonnie Hearn)” is a very influential book with photographs and memories that has inspired and shaped many, including me in the making of our Film! 

If you are donating $60,000 or more, both books are yours. Yaaaay!! We will discuss what else you WANT. You can pretty much name it! ;-)

Anyone who claims a perk of $5000 or ABOVE will be part of a small exclusive bidding war (with love) for two separate items. You DO accept to relinquish your chance at the bidding IF an investor donates the full $60,000 or more.

You enter to bid on 2 UNIQUE books: “REMEMBERING MUSCLE BEACH". ONE BOOK

signed by 30 present day OMB influencers and practitioners (names TBD).

ONE BOOK (THE BIG DEAL and most valuable gift!!) has 10 signature I personally collected for you from the OMB originators and legends from the 30’s & 40’s !!! (Relna McRae - Jack Lalanne - Charlie McCarl - Deforrest ‘Moe’ Most - Paula Dell Boelsems - Glenn ‘Whitey’ Sundby - George Nissen - Sara Hirsch Clark - Bob Yerkes - David ‘Soop’ Frison)

The bidding will be held at the end of October 2020 and each book will start at only $300.